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Only schools legally registered with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (U.P & U.K) are eligible to be members of the Association. The person chosen by each school as its official representative shall have the power of ballot.

There shall be an affiliation membership fee of Rs. 1000/-. The membership fee shall be payable to the secretary/Treasurer in the month of April each year.

Dissolution of the Membership from the Association:

The membership of any member can be dissolved under the following reasons-

  • In case of death
  • In case of insanity
  • In case of punishment under law
  • In case of bankcruptcy
  • In case of non deposition of the membership fee.
  • In case of submission of resignation or transfer

Body of the Association

  • General Body
  • Managing Committee

General Body of the Association:

Organization : All Members of the Association comprise the General Body.

Meeting : The general meeting of the General Body is held once in a year

Information Period : The information of the meeting of General Body is sent to the members before Fifteen days of the meeting and for special general meeting information is sent one week before the meeting.

Quoram : The quoram for the General Body meeting is three fourth of the total no. of members.

Date of AGM : The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held once before the month of December every year.

Rights and Duties of the General Body :

  • To elect the members of the Managing Committee for the coming year.
  • To pass the annual report of the Association.
  • To pass the annual budget of the Association.
  • To make changes and additions to the memorandum and the rules and regulations of the Association.
  • To discuss and record the opinion and wishes of the Association regarding proposed syllabus and changes in the existing syllabus for the Indian School Certificate Examination and other examinations.